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Severstal Steel Solutions designs and manufactures buildings and constructions with the use of steel structures.


AO Severstal Steel Solutions is part of PAO Severstal – one of the worlds’ largest vertically integrated steel and steel-related mining companies. Most materials for steel structures are produced at the Russian production sites of PAO Severstal.

Steel structures plant in the city of Orel is the main production site with a capacity of 18,000 t per year. The plant is equipped with high-technology equipment from the leading equipment manufacturers. Availability of skilled production and engineering personnel, infrastructure, ample production areas makes it possible to fulfill orders of various complexity from light steel structures for warehouses to complicated heavy buildings and constructions for industrial plants with complex corrosion protection and fire protection. The company maintains the Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015. The welding procedure is certified by the National Agency for Welding Qualification (NAKS) and to EN.

Since 2007, over 300 projects in various industries and geographical regions from Kaliningrad in the west to Sakhalin and Kamchatka in the east, from the Arctic Circle in the west to the mountains of Armenia in the south have been implemented.

Our advantages:

  1. Extended design capabilities: 3D and BIM-technologies, possibility to mobilize resources and expertise of design companies which are part of Severstal group;
  2. Wide technological capabilities, state-of-the-art program-controlled equipment, sufficient production facilities and experience in manufacture of buildings and constructions for various industries.
  3. Using high-quality materials produced at the plants of PAO Severstal and its partners’ production facilities, possibility to use innovative materials and solutions with a guaranteed quality.
  4. Full operational readiness: application of finish coatings, complex anti-corrosive and fire-retardant coatings in the workshop.
  5. Integrated approach: designing, manufacture, pre-assembly and erection: allows offering our clients efficient and flexible solutions which best meet their business needs.
  6. Delivery term and schedule management, deliveries in complete sets and in the required sequence.
  7. Reliable company, which is part of PAO Severstal. Possibility to use individual pricing schemes, a wide range of financial instruments to secure deliveries.

AO Severstal Steel Solutions offers an integrated approach to construction projects for industrial application, agricultural sector, administrative and commercial purposes: designing, manufacture, pre-assembly, erection.