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Crane and lifting equipment

Depending on the nature of production process, modern industrial buildings often require installation of bridge and suspended cranes of different lifting capacity. Design and calculation of structures in accordance with SNiP requirements must take into account the mode of operation of the cranes and dynamic loads on the frame of the building. With this the building frames should have a greater lateral and longitudinal rigidity, which provides higher reliability and endurance of the crane beams.

When designing a tubes production plant in Volgorechensk loads transferred from 17 cranes was taken into account:

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  • first aisle:  5 cranes - 5.0 t + 5.0 t;
  • second aisle:  2 cranes - 10.0 t + 10.0 t;   2 cranes - 5.0 t +5.0 t;
  • third aisle:  1 crane - 32/5.0 t; 1 crane - 16.0/5.0 t; 2 cranes - 5.0 t + 5.0 t;
  • forth aisle: 2 cranes - 50/12.5 t; 2 cranes - 5.0t + 5.0 t.


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