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Often prefabricated buildings made of light-gage steel structures have light foundations. Use of steel frame reduces the overall weight of the building - this leads to a significant reduction of excavation during foundation works, thereby reducing the costs of zero cycle up to 60% (depending on the seismic area).

Type of a foundation for a steel frame is chosen based on its cost-effectiveness and results of the topographical survey. Pier or strip foundations are the most economical, as a rule. Other kinds of footing - spread foundations - are applied, for example, in particularly difficult geological conditions.

The strength and stability of any building first of all depend on the reliability of its foundation. Application of unique new-type building bars -ArmaNorma (A600S reinforcement), developed at PAO Severstal - allows to reduce the amount of steel in the construction of the foundation. Thanks to the special chemical elements in steel, ArmaNorma has higher strength properties compared to previous classes of reinforcement (A240-A500C). With this ArmaNorma shows high formability and fire resistance that ensure a greater strength of welded joints, because it is not subject to brittle fractures in the welding area. ArmaNorma also shows good qualities when used at very low temperatures up to 70 degrees below zero and in seismically active areas where an increased resistance to cyclic stresses is required.

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