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Steel frame is a set of load-bearing structures that take up equipment load, dead weight of the structure, weight of cladding structures, weight of bridge, overhead and jib cranes, and transfer them to the foundations.

The steel frame of a building includes a set of structural elements: columns, main and secondary t/eng/ses, crane beams, purlins and girts, framework elements, and braces. This system is based on transverse frames made of columns and main trusses hinged or rigidly connected to columns, which take up vertical and horizontal loads applied to the frame. Frame rigidity and stability are ensured by vertical and horizontal braces, roof and wall panels, and large-scale roofing plates, if applied. The frame also includes studs, platforms elements, stairs and other structures of the building.


Frame structural layouts

Frame structural layouts are presented in many variants. Frame design depends on the individual features of each project:

  • area of construction (snow and wind regions, seismicity)
  • size (length-width-height)
  • number of storeys (single-and multi-storey)
  • crane load (crane beams)
  • lights (skylights)
  • optional elements (doors, windows, gates)
  • ventilation, heating
  • technological equipment of the facility, etc.


Beams and trusses frame type

Elements of the bearing structure - columns, roof beams - can be made from welded tapered I-beams. Such design allows to save up to 20% of the specific amount of steel used for the frame. Elements are connected through flanges with pre-tightened high-strength bolts.

In order to support the roof in large-span structures it is recommended to use truss structures made of rectangular shaped tubes.


Multi-span frame structures

The continuity of the production process and its extension often require putting different shops under one roof. When the required width of a building exceeds the maximum size of single-span solutions, application of a multi-span solution is possible.

Multi-span structures can be designed with spans of different sizes, for example: 24, 12 and 24 m.


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