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Severstal Steel Solutions has developed a standard solution for aircraft hangars
20 june 2017

In June 2017 AO Severstal Steel Solutions (part of Severstal Russian Steel) launched production of a new complete building Albatros with extended spans of 38,6 and 43 m designed to store aircraft and other vehicles. The building is based on a steel frame with tapered beams. The main idea of the new aircraft hangar is the optimum combination of cost-effectiveness, strength, price, quality and time of construction.

These aircraft hangars are wide-span structures without internal supports, with high ceilings (height to the bottom of the beam structures can be 9.8, 11 m) and equipped with special gate systems depending of the size of the equipment to be placed. A standard Albatross aircraft hangar is designed to store helicopters and short-haul and medium-haul airliners like Sukhoi Superjet 100, MC-21. The main market is a regional airports network, as well as remote shift camps, oil and gas production facilities, where helicopters and heavy-duty equipment is widely used. Once the project is typical, it initially implies savings of 6% of the investment budget for the end customer.

In addition high-strength steel C345 (09Г2С) produced at Cherepovets Steel Mill (part of Severstal Russian Steel division) reduces the amount of steel per frame and at the same time maintains the strength capacity of a building, and increases its corrosion resistance. Because of a lower steel intensity, customers significantly save on foundation works, which is important for construction of such buildings in remote areas and in the North. Tapered beams themselves take little space, which reduces the costs of transportation to the construction site.

"It has become a tradition to start a new construction season with a new standard project. Our design department has developed a standard hall for the storage of aviation equipment and other vehicles, such as BelAZ, Caterpillar heavy trucks  commonly used in quarrying. These hangars, in addition to protecting the equipment from the adverse environmental conditions, are storages for all the necessary equipment, and vehicles can be either repaired or prepared for further operation here", commented Vladislav Vasiliev, director of Severstal Steel Solutions.

Depending on its further application Albatros hangar may be equipped with swinging or vertical-lift gates, up to 10 tons capacity crane-beams, translucent roofing structures. A wide range of cladding structures allows choosing an appropriate variant depending on the purpose and budget of the project: from sandwich panels to profiled sheets.




Severstal Russian Steel (a division of PAO Severstal) is one of the largest steel producers in Russia. In 2016 the division produced 11.63 million tons of steel; sales of steel products amounted to 10.67 million tonnes. The division's revenues in 2016 amounted to $5 426 million, and EBITDA was $1 543 million. The division's enterprises are among the most efficient producers of steel in the world.

PAO Severstal is one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, with assets in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Poland. Shares of the company are listed on the MICEX RTS and GDRs are traded on the London Stock Exchange. In 2016 the company's revenues amounted to $5 916 million, EBITDA reached $1 911 million. In 2016 11.63 million tons of steel were produced.


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