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Why Steel Structures?

Nowadays steel structures are widely used in the construction of industrial and civil buildings. Tower buildings, business centers with outstanding facades, industrial complexes and huge shopping malls-all of them in most cases have been built in the latest decade based on a steel frame.

Construction based on steel structures offers a wide range of distinctive advantages that make it attractive for investments.


Reliability and durability A building with a steel frame does not lose its strength properties for at least 100 years. Another important advantage is that buildings of this type have a high earthquake resistance that allows installing them on soft ground and in seismically active areas (up to 9 points).
Light weight Use of steel frame reduces the overall weight of the building - this leads to a significant reduction of excavation during foundation works, thereby reducing the costs of zero cycle up to 60% (depending on the seismic areas).
Fast installation Precise factory manufacturing of frames enables on-site installation in any season with a minimum number of wet processes.
Design aesthetics, individuality Steel frame enables free planning through the use of wide-span structures.
Resistance to corrosion Any steel structures corrode in time. In order to increase corrosion resistance some special alloy additives are added to steel, and structures are coated with special protective compounds.
Hight fire resistance At high temperatures (over 600 °C for steel) steel structures lose their bearing capacity. Therefore, fire resistance of steel structures in residential and public buildings, warehouses and malls is increased through special surface treatment. Another way is to eliminate direct contact of metal structures with open fire using constructive covering.
Materials Bearing frame structures for all types of buildings and constructions are made of rolled steel founded at steel mills. The choice of steel for building structures depends on many parameters. For example, they take into account technological loads that the building will be subjected to in operation.

The final choice of steel grade is based on the comparison of techno-economic indexes (steel spread and cost of structures), and the technological capabilities of the manufacturer.

For production of structures Severstal Steel Solutions uses the rolled steel produced at the Russian enterprises of PAO Severstal. For example, shaped tubes made by TPZ Sheksna are used for the production of truss structures. And frames for standard LegoS buildings are made of S355 high strength steel produced by Cherepovets steel mill.
Installation The undeniable advantage of the steel structures application is an all-season installation works without wet processes. Manufactured at factories various structural elements (beams, columns, trusses, etc.) are installed year-round right on construction sites with the use of bolted joints. If necessary, a steel frame can be easily disassembled or expanded with new architectural solutions.

Compared to such materials as concrete or brick, installation of steel structures does not take a lot of time. For example, a crew of 5-8 installers erect a building of 1000 sq. m. in area within 2-4 weeks.

Reliability, durability, light weight and easy installation are the main advantages of steel structures, which make this material one of the high-end products on the market of construction materials.


Production of construction metal structures

Steel Structures Production Plant

AO Severstal Steel Solutions produces steel structures at its own production plant in Orel. The plant is equipped with high-technology processing equipment from Holland, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan and China. More than 60,000 square meters of production space makes it possible to manufacture large-sized structures and assemble complicated substructures, thereby improving the quality of products and reducing installation time.



Quality Control

At the production site in Orel quality control of manufactured products is carried out by the Quality Control Department. Welding operations are performed with different kinds of weld joints examination. Severstal Steel Solution has a certified laboratory of ultrasonic inspection and carries out tests in compliance with all the required rules and regulations.



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